H-BUG “Family”

1 – To provide an environment where children (and adults) can learn to ride a cycle in traffic-free conditions.

This will be achieved by using the Honeybourne Sports and Recreation Field.

2 – To introduce families (and individuals) to safe on-road cycling.

This is being achieved through short rides (from 1 to 6 miles) in controlled conditions on quiet lanes.

3 – And then to extend the short rides to roads with more traffic and potential traffic hazards.

This is being achieved through short rides (3 to 6 miles) on local roads with multiple potential hazards.

A Real Family Event


Calling all children between the ages of 6 and 10!

H-BUG now has two children’s bicycles in the colours of Team Sky

Become a member of H-BUG (completely free) and you will be able to book these bikes for H-BUG Family rides simply by texting 07971 989 430

You must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

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These bikes and “Team Sky” helmets have been funded by kind donations from Taylor Wimpey and Nina Bullen