Match Reports

4 August 2014


The Gate Inn played against Bidford Royals (British Legion side) originally this was an away game for The Gate but at the request of Bidford Royals the venues were reversed. (Might have something to do with The Gate Inns hospitality, word does get around .. Or other reasons, who knows).

A little bit of Déjà vu here … the home side (Bidford) playing away but being the home side, while the away side (The Gate) playing at home but being the away side. That sorts out who throws first in each leg then!

Bidford Royals didn’t have a full squad, only 5 in total which made life a little easier for The Gate, although The Gate still needed to play well against some good players. The trebles started well for The Gate, Mark Sallis, Martin Handy and Neil Ballard winning that one. The singles there were wins for Neil Ballard, Alan Golbourn, Mark Sallis, and Dave Lynch (default win there as Dave had a bye) and losses for Martin Handy and Mike Withers. Scores before the doubles, Bidford Royals 2, The Gate Inn 5.

The 1st doubles for The Gate, Mark Sallis and Dave Lynch against Dean (playing sole in this one which is allowed, The Gate having two throws to one) Dave and Mark winning comfortably. Next pairing of Alan and Neil, again winning well and Neil finishing on his 1st attempt. The last pair (both singles losers) of Martin and Mike, (still losers in the doubles). Final score, a nice win for The Gate, 7 games to 3.

Two games stood out on the night being Mark Sallis singles game and Neil Ballards, no messing finishing.

Lastly, many thanks to both teams for an enjoyable night and once again to Dave & Lisa for their hospitality.



28th July 2014

The Gate v Bearley Social Club

The home side trebles consisted of Martin Handy, Mark Sallis and Terry Edmonds up against Richard ‘Bambi’ Bambrigde, Martin Hicks and A. Piotrowski , even though the Gate started 1st they soon found themselves falling behind as Bearley’s crew had a solid game. Bearley winning well in the end finishing on double one, how Bambi hit that on his third attempt is still a mystery.

It was a better start in the singles for The Gate as Neil Ballard making a guest appearance after a long absence won his game 2 -1 against D. Bath, Running score so far, 1 game all. Next up, Mark Sallis against Richard Bambridge, some good scoring by both of them (slightly better than the actual checker .. Laugh) Richard winning 0 -2, Score now stands at 1 -2 to Bearley. On comes Sir Terry Edmonds against Stewart Jones, with sir Terry hitting at least 2 tonnes per leg and winning 2 games to nil, Score now 2 games all (you can see where this is going can’t you) ..

Next up Alan Golbourn and K.Brinkworth, Alan not on to his best form (due to a change of darts .. Change them back Alan for next week) eventually losing 0 -2.  The 5th singles game was between Martin Handy and A.Piotrowski, the 1st leg going to Martin after some average throwing, the second leg much better from both, Martin wining in the end 2 – 0. Score now tired at 3 – 3. Last singles, Lorraine Sallis verses Martin Hicks, Lorraine staying with Martin pretty well but losing 0 -2. Score before the doubles, 3 games to 4

The 1st pairing, Lord Dave Lynch and Mark Sallis verses Bill Wall and Darren Ross, it was a steady game for The Gate’s pair, Dave making amends for his counting blunder hitting double one to make the scores level at 4 games all. 2nd pairing, Alan Golbourn and Neil Ballard against Martin Hicks and Kevin Brinkworth. The Bearley pairing winning comfortably in the end, starting, scoring and finishing well. Yep, scores now at 4 – 5 to Bearley. Last up, Terry Edmonds and Martin handy against Stewart Jones and Richard Bambridge …  both teams on a double .. Richard getting out 1st …

Well done to Bearley Social club. Final score 4 – 6

Thanks to Bearley for an enjoyable night and I hope you enjoyed The Gate Inns hospitality and the nice Chilli after. (The Chilli was rather good to be fair)


Monday 14th July 2014

Well it was like this …  match board up and re-arranged the table and chairs, the world stage set, well The Gate Inn Oche anyway. No Sky TV crew, No theme tunes to walk onto, No prize money and certainly no sponsorship (shame really as I know the score and how good this match was) … just ‘who’s pegging this one then’ came the shout from the bar.

The first three players up were for the Yard Alers – Mr Tony Box, Kieran Gilbert and Colin Allen verses Mr Mark Sallis, Martin Handy and ‘Lord’ Dave Lynch .. Tony Box starting with double 14 followed by Mark Sallis hitting a 80 away, the game was very evenly matched, Colin hitting 100, 140 but The Gate stayed with the Yard Alers right down to the double where Martin Handy checked out on 24 .. 1st blood for The Gate Inn..

The singles started well for The Gate Inn, Mark Sallis winning 2 – 0 over Scott McGee, Alan Golbourn challenged Tony Box next in the 3rd game, Tony scoring 100, 125 and winning 0 -2. After 3 games, the score stood at 2 – 1 to The Gate. 4th up was Martin Handy verses Colin Allen, some good scoring from both but it was the doubles again, Colin finishing to take that game 1 – 2. Scores now 2 games each … On comes Sir Terry Edmonds looking well after his birthday bash at the weekend, Terry taking on Kieran Gilbert. A solid game from Sir Terry winning 2 -0 .. Next (in my opinion) one of the best games of the evening, Lord Lynch verses Luke Hinton, after the 1st 2 legs tired and some good throwing by both, the 3rd leg Dave started with 130, Luke replying with 140, then Dave followed up with 133, a 79, then a 97 giving him the edge and the eventual win. Last up Mark Billsborrow, (1st time out this season) against Lee Hinton, this was a very even contest with Mark coming out on top 2 -1, scores before the doubles, The Gate Inn 5 – 2 up.

The Gate’s 1st pairing, Martin Handy & Luke Sallis verses Lee Hinton & Scott McGee, 1st dart in for Martin put a little more pressure than usual on The Yard Alers as they failed to start in their 1st few handfuls. Luke and Martin matching each other’s scores 100, 100, 26, 26, 100, 100 before winning that game. Mark Sallis & Dave Lynch lost the 9th game against Luke Hinton & Tony Box, while Terry Edmonds & Alan Golbourn (Alan starting on a nice, clean 100 away) finished the match off with a win over Kierran Gilbert & Colin Allen.

Final score The Gate Inn 7 ..The Yard Alers 3 .. After all the compliments and pleasantry’s from both teams, it was just left for the sausage and chips to be eaten before waving farewell to The Yard Alers. Overall it was a very good darts match, thanks to everyone for making it so and thanks for the food as well Lisa.


Next week sees The Gate travelling to The Carpenters Arms, Kineton, a long way from home (POSTPONED).

Monday 7th July 2014

Firstly … Happy Birthday Sir Terry Edmonds from everyone .. Have a good day my friend for this coming Saturday ..


Ok, on with the match report ..  The Gate Inn travelled, well nowhere really as the venues were reversed at the request of The Kings Arms, so that means the home side are now the away side and the away side are the home side, at The Gate .. I didn’t ask for The Kings Arms to put up the match board, nor re-arrange the furniture, I thought we could do that for them … Andy Beale, Rob Heming turning up, I haven’t seen them for years .. Not since the Evesham league days, it was good to see you both and looking well.

The trebles started well for the Kings arms with Rob, Mick and Bob beating Alan, Martin and Mark. The singles started the same way with wins for Bob Tudor over Luke Sallis 2 – 1 and Rob Heming over Alan Golbourn 2 – 0. Martin Handy stopped the winning streak, briefly by beating Mick Hogg 0 – 2, before Ben Tudor won his game 2 – 0 over Mike Withers. The Kings Arms now leading 4 – 1 with two singles to go, next Rob Comben lost to The Gates Mark Sallis  0 -2 and the last singles seeing Andy Beale beating Dave Lynch 2 – 0 .. Scores before the doubles – The Kings Arm 5 – the Gate Inn 2.

With The Gate needing to win every doubles, they started poorly and not really giving The Kings Arm much of a challenge with Rob Heming / Mick Hogg beating Alan Golbourn and Martin Handy. Luke and Mark Sallis restored some pride for The Gate by beating Andy Beale and Ben Tudor before the final pairing of Bob Tudor / Rob Comben beating Mike Withers and Dave Lynch .. Final score and well deserved  win for The Kings Arm 8 games to 2.


Noticeable for the evening was Ben Tudor’s 73 out hitting 19 then 4 then the bull, and Martin Handy’s 180 both during the singles.


Thanks to everyone for a good night.


Next match is again at home against one off the Yard of Ale side’s from Stratford, hope to see everyone then

Monday 30th June 2014


No match report as such as the game had been conceded by the Yard Specials so that means that The Gate are through to the next round of the cup by default.

The Gate darts team still had a few hours practice in readiness for next week’s game which is at home again and Lisa did hot dogs and chips for us, so thanks Lisa.

Monday 23rd June 2014

This darts league is just way too friendly! The night was well relaxed with good banter between the Legionnaires and The Gate. The Legionnaires arrived with a very strong team, having navigated their way from Stratford up various hills, around tight bends, through neighbouring villages to be welcomed by Dave and Lisa shortly after 20:15

The Gate’s trebles consisted of Dave, Mark and Martin up against the Legionnaires Mark, Alan and Richard, it was a close came edged by Alan’s men. Nil – 1 that will be then.

On with the singles, the 1st three up for The Gate all losing two legs to nil, Mark v Dave, Martin v Sandie and Luke v Mark although one or two games could / should have gone the other way. The fourth singles for The Gate, up stepped Alan Golbourn who is in tremendous form lately. Alan winning 2 legs to 1 against Richard and hitting 108 out, awesome darts. Score now at 1 – 4, Dave was next up for The Gate playing against Alan Morris. The two captains facing off each other, darts drawn and gauntlets thrown … Dave took one leg with a nice 76 out, Alan taking two legs. Last up in the singles was Mike who started exceptionally well with two 100’s but was eventually beaten by Ben Smith, 1 -2

With the score at 1 – 6 and the match won, the Legionnaires started the pairs with another win for Sandie and Dave against Luke and Martin before Mike and Dave beat Alan and M.Harper. The last pairs going to the Legionnaires with a win for Mark and Ben over The Gates Mark and Alan, Final score 2 – 8 to the Legionnaires.

In celebration of a their victory, the Legionnaires were treated to Chili con carne and chips, a fine feast it was too, so many thanks to Lisa for that.

Next up in a weeks’ time is the 1st round of the 5-a-side handicap cup where The Gate are at home. Not sure what Lisa’s doing for supper, something good as always though.


Monday 16th June 2014


The Gate travelled away to Bidford Club, (was British Legion) to play against Bidford Club (pretty obvious really, but two teams play from here. The others are Bidford Royals, formally The Bulls Head).

It was a quiet affair with both teams having just the minimum 6 players for the captains to choose from. The Gate lost the trebles, then losing the singles 4 – 2 , Alan and Terry winning their games. The pairs also went to Bidford Club as well  2 – 1 , Alan and Terry winning again, good pairing that .


Final score 7 -3 to Bidford


Hopefully next week, Monday 23rd The Gate will be back on form, more lively and winning again, when The Gate are at home to Stratford’s RBL.

At the same time, along with ‘live’ Darts, the TV for the world cup will be on. Two games Cameroon v Brazil, Croatia v Mexico to choose from. For the Darts teams after match supper Lisa is preparing a fine bowl of Chili con carne with chips I believe .. Looking forward to that.

Monday 9th June 2014


After successfully negotiating immigration and border control, The Butchers Arms from Mickleton were granted a one day VISA that allowed them entry into Worcestershire following their short drive from Gloucestershire to play darts against The Gate Inn.


The Gate won the trebles where Mark Sallis, Alan Golbourne and Martin Handy beat Rich James, Dave Smith and Simon Ellis – another good start. This was somewhat short lived as the Butchers won the first three singles comfortably 0 – 2, Lorraine Sallis, Luke Sallis, Martin Handy losing to Fred Byrd, Dave Smith and Simon Ellis respectively. Unlucky for Luke losing his 100% record, but 3 out of 4 so far is still pretty good.

Mark Sallis stopped the losing streak winning 2 – 0 over Dan Moore, Mark played the best game of the evening with solid, steady darts. The Gate lost the next two games, Alan Golbourne losing 0 – 2 to Dave Moore and Neil Ballard losing 1- 2 to Rick James, Neil had a chance at a 15 dart leg or better, being on a finish after 12 darts, unfortunately the double not going in, but still winning that leg.


The doubles made the match interesting with the score at 2 – 5, the 1st pair up for The Gate were Neil and Luke beating Rick and Grahame. Match score 3 – 5. Second pair on for The Gate were Lorraine and Mark who beat Dave Smith and Fred, match now as 4 – 5 .. Pressure on the last pairing  Dave Lynch / Martin Handy v Dave Moore / Craig Brown


It was a good night, thanks to The Butchers Arms / The Gate Inn darts Team and to Dave / Lisa for providing the food. In case you’re wondering what the final pairs result was … Match result The Gate Inn 4 – The Butchers Arms 6 … well done to Dave / Craig on winning the last game.


Next game is Monday 16th June where The Gate travel to Bidford to play Bidford Royals.

Monday 2nd June 2014

Firstly, it was a very good night, good atmosphere, good darts (mostly), good food and a good bunch from the Stags Head turned up, including some old, familiar faces.


The trebles got underway with The Gate’s Martin Handy, Terry Edmonds, Alan Golbourne winning over James Lidzy, Paul Vickery and Dave McGuinnes. Close game with some high scores and one or two low ones thrown in.


Next came the singles. Lorraine Sallis drawn out first for The Gate losing 1 – 2 to Steve Franklin. The next four singles were comfortable (score wise that is, not a true reflection on the actual games) to The Gate with 2 – 0 wins for Luke Sallis (still on 100% win rate), Terry Edmonds, Alan Golbourne and Mark Sallis, beating Steve Burgess, Paul Vickery, Ryan Lidzy and Idris Jones. The last singles game went to The Stags Head as Martin Handy lost 0 – 2 to James Lidzy.


That made the score 5 – 2 with The Gate needing one more to win


On to the doubles. First pair up for The Gate were Terry and Alan, winning this one and completing their hat trick of wins on the night. The Stags Head finished the doubles off by winning the last two pairs and making the score respectable.


Final result – The Gate Inn 6 – The Stags Head 4


And finally .. MAN v FOOD … Man (and lady) won as Lisa’s food was consumed in record time, the chicken curry / chips was really good.

Thanks to the Stags Head and Gate Inn darts teams, and Dave & Lisa for an enjoyable night.


Next week The Gate Inn are at home once more against a reasonably local side from just across the Gloucestershire border, The Butchers Arm – Mickleton.

And … word has it that Lisa is doing sandwiches, pork pies, pickles, cold dogs with onions (sausage rolls, opposite of hot dogs) for post-match nibbles .. nice, Thanks Lisa.

Monday 19th May 2014


Let’s start with the headline – The Gate WON their 1st game of the summer season :-))


We travelled away to Wilmcote Social Club with almost a full squad consisting of Dave, Terry, Mark, Alan, Neil, Lorraine and Martin. Missing  (work related) were Mike and Luke.


The evening started with the trebles, Terry, Martin and Mark winning that game, followed by singles wins for Lorraine, Terry, Alan and Neil, making that 2 – 5. One more needed for the win.

That came from the second of the three pairs played by Lorraine and Neil. Finishing off the evening and the pairs were Martin and Alan, winning that as well.


Final score – Wilmcote Social Club 3 – The GATE Inn 7


No individual performances stood out, just a good team game played well against a good bunch of players at a pleasant venue.


Next game is in a fortnight, Monday 2nd June when we are at home to the Stags Head from Wellsbourne. I wonder if Lisa will cook up hot dogs with onions … or curry and chips, one of our favourites, whatever it is, it will be enjoyable.


Monday 12th May 2014

The Gate played hosts to the Yard of Ale, Stratford and soon realised what a tough match the Gate were in for.


Praise where it’s due, the Yard of Ale have a great bunch of players and won comfortably in the end 2 – 8. Despite the result it was a pleasure to play against them.

A few highlights to write about. First game of the evening must go to Lorraine Sallis who narrowly lost 1 – 2 against Pete Hughes, both receiving a round of applause for an excellent game. Next, another mention for Luke Sallis again winning well in the singles and maintaining his 100% record, and hitting a 100 start in the pairs.


The evening started with the Gate losing the trebles but Dave Lynch started the singles in fine form winning his game 2 – 1. The next two singles went to the Yard with wins for Richard and Rob before Luke stopped their winning streak, which was short lived as the Yard won the last two singles and all three pairs.

Highest away on the evening going to Martin Handy with a 124 (double 14, drifted into a  treble 12, plus a treble 20).


All in all, a good night. Many thanks to the Yard of Ale and to Dave & Lisa for their hospitality in making it so.


Next match is 19th May, away to Wilmcote Social Club


Monday 28th April 2014
Our 1st game of the season!
We played away at the White Lion in Alcester, a 1st division side of high quality players.
The game was played in good spirits (good beer as well) with the hosts wining 7 games to 3. For the Gate there were wins for Mark and Alan in the doubles,  Martin and Luke in the singles with the game of the evening going to young Luke who pulled of a great win watched by his proud mother Lorraine.
Lorraine herself had a good game just missing a 170 check out, great effort though.
A few games could have gone better for us and perhaps a draw might have been a fair reflection of the night, no complaints though.
Thanks to everyone on both sides for a good night.
Our next game is at home in two weeks time, another hard match for sure, spectators are welcome and it’s free entrance. Game starts at 20:15 give or take 10 minutes