A 4.1-mile walk

A 4.1-Mile Circular Walk towards Long Lartin and Bretforton

This route is clearly signed (signposts and waymarkers)

Pets should be kept on leads at all times.

Sturdy shoes or boots are recommended.

Start at the Village Hall and head west to the High Street. Turn left and walk up to the telephone box. Take the footpath opposite (just to right of the new houses). After 60 metres turn left into the corner of the field and cross the ditch bridge. You will pass alongside the underground sewage pumping station before crossing over a stile */***. Walk diagonally across the paddock and through the field gate. Walk across the farmyard and through the next gate; into the next paddock and onto the gate at the far end. Take care to follow the waymarker on the gate-post that directs you in the general direction of the brook on your right-hand side *. Over a stile in the middle of the field and onwards to the right-hand side of the hedge across the field ahead of you, and to the bridge over the Gate Inn brook.

Over the bridge and turn left so that the brook is now on your left. Pass through the field gates and walk straight on with the brook on your left, passing field gates on your left; follow the field path until you reach the right-hand corner of this field. Through these field gates and left into the next field following the waymarkers to reach the railway line. DO NOT CROSS THE RAILWAY LINE.

With your back to the crossing gate, head in a one o’clock direction through the field gate until you reach a bridge on the far side of this field. Over the bridge and walk to the gap in the hedge at the left corner of this field. Continue straight-ahead with the hedgerow on your left until you reach the Bretforton Road. TAKE GREAT CARE when crossing the road. Ignore the signpost and look for a gap in the wire fencing opposite then follow the direction of the signpost through the poly-tunnels to the opposite side of this strawberry field. Over the concrete bridge and straight on to the next waymarker post to make a left turn into the corner of this field where you will find another waymarker post and bridge.

Over the bridge and bear right to the waymarker post at the track. Fork left towards the caravans and walk through/around the field gates into the next field. Follow this track through to the Bretforton Road. Turn right for 25 metres (noting the old county boundary stone near the drainage ditch) to get a sighting of the bridleway on the opposite side of the road. TAKE GREAT CARE when crossing the road. Follow the bridleway through two fields until you reach a field gate. Through the gate and immediately turn right. You have now rejoined the path you walked earlier. Retrace your steps back to the bridge. DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGE. Continue to follow the path to the left and into the next field. Continue straight ahead with the hedge and caravans on your right until you see a waymarker post. Follow the waymarker posts through the caravan site to the stile.

Straight ahead and across the road, following the path behind the houses. Pass through the metal gate and into the railway station car park. Walk through the car park until you reach the main road. Turn right passing the entrance to the Ranch Caravan Park, and walk 400 metres back to the Village Hall.

We hope you have enjoyed your walk today, and that we have whetted your appetite for a variety of future walks in and around the Parish of Honeybourne during 2021.

Email [email protected] for copies of any walks, to express concerns, or seek advice on how to best enjoy Honeybourne’s Rights of Way

*Expect sheep

*** expect horses

A great way to gently improve your fitness and wellbeing, whilst

appreciating the beautiful countryside in which we live.

October 2021