We all know that exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming etc improves general health and helps to lower both blood pressure and improves heart health, as well as improving mental health and wellbeing.

Exercise also helps with weight and stress management, improves fitness, and leads to fewer days being ill each year.


So whatever exercise you choose to take part in, you know you will be healthier as a result.

An excellent example of the benefit of exercise is Dave. Weighing in at 26 stones, Dave made the big decision to reduce weight. He lost 12 stones and then decided to start cycling in earnest. Starting with 6-7 miles two to three times per week, he now rides 20+ miles most evenings. The H-BUG concept has been a massive motivator to Dave. He would really like others to benefit in the same way by getting involved in H-BUG and enjoying a greater feeling of well-being.