Short Mat Bowls

If you enjoy watching, and perhaps marveled at the skill of the professionals performing on TV, why not come along to the Village Hall on Friday evenings (7.30) and have a go yourselves at a somewhat simpler version called Short Mat Bowls.

The game is basically the same as that played outdoors, but on a smaller scale; the mat is 50ft long and 6ft wide so brute force is not a requirement, making it ideal for young and old alike.

We have been running for a number of years now and have a very friendly group meeting regularly, but it would be nice to have a few more people to join us. All equipment is provided. The only thing we ask that you wear flat shoes – trainers etc are ideal.

The cost is £2 per session.

Please do come and have a go. We will make you most welcome and have fun at the same time. If you wish, the first time you come you could just watch; we will leave that up to you.