A 5-mile History Walk to Weston-sub-Edge

A 5-Mile History Walk to Weston-sub-Edge


Sturdy shoes or boots are recommended.

This route is clearly signed (signposts and waymarkers)

Pets should be kept on leads at all times.

Drinks and snacks are recommended.




Start at the The Gate Inn and cross the Weston Road (TAKE GREAT CARE) and walk up High Street to the Thatched Tavern; then take the road alongside the Thatched Tavern into China Corner, walking straight-on until you pass through the narrow gap between the houses. This leads up to the Fair Acres estate.


Turn right and follow the headland until you come to a waymarker post deep in the brambles, and adjacent to the pool (site of the Honeybourne murder in 1809).  You can choose the path to the old chicken sheds in the distance at Weston Road, or continue on to the bridge and then turn left along the headland to the Weston Road.


TAKE GREAT CARE when crossing this road. This is a very fast road, and visibility is not very good. Follow the grass verge to your right where, after 100 metres, you will join a footpath towards Weston Fields Farm. After 20 metres fork right to the stile opposite the farmhouse. Follow the path with the brook on your right, crossing two more stiles before coming to a gate that leads into the garden of Long Stretch Farm. Through this beautiful woodland garden before crossing over the brook bridge to follow the path with the brook now on your left side. Over another stile, continuing to follow the brook until you meet a stile leading onto the dismantled railway (to the right of the brick culvert). Cross over the railway and through the gate into Gloucestershire.


Continue straight-ahead to the next gate where you will turn right and climb over the fence next to the field gate; then immediately left to walk alongside the electric fence surrounding the new woodland planting. Over a stile just past the dilapidated wartime airfield buildings; follow the field edge with the stream on your left. Over another stile and ahead again until you reach the bridge on your left. The industrial estate you see to your right was part of RAF Honeybourne. It has been said that these buildings were used in the filming of some scenes from the BBC TV series “Tenko”. Cross over the stream and then straight-across the young tree plantation until you reach the next stile. With your back to the stile take a 2.30 o’clock direction to the next stile. Over the stile and follow the track to your right until you meet the main road in Weston-sub-edge.


TAKE GREAT CARE to cross this road and continue ahead along Church Street until you reach Parsons Lane on your right, taking time as you pass under the large cedar tree to turn back to look at the barn with two white doors, noticing the fire-plate at the apex of the roof (erected by an insurance company – “Which Mark is to be number’d with the Number of the Subscribers Policy, and there to remain so long as the Subscribers continue to pay their Quarteridges”) above a stone dated 1857.


Walk down Parsons Lane past the old almshouses (Meon Cottage) until you reach the green footpath sign on your left. Along this footpath passing the 19th century water point. Turn left to follow the footpath between the gardens and out into the field. Continue to follow this path until you reach the bridge over the stream. Pass through the kissing gate onto the site of the moated manor. This manor was already owned by the Giffard family in 1279, when Walter Gifford (Archbishop of York) died, and it passed to his brother, Godfrey, Bishop of Worcester. Follow the path straight-ahead with the first telegraph pole and the moat on your left.


Walk towards the far right-hand corner of this field until you reach the last telegraph pole. Turn left along the edge of the header pond. The medieval ponds are now clearly visible. Continue walking around the pond edge in the direction of the church. If you take a short detour on your left to the high ground you will have an excellent over-view of the site. It is interesting to note that when we experience flood conditions, this moat and the ponds are completely full of water.


When you reach the cemetery, pass through the kissing gate and on to the church door. Follow the path to the right until you reach the main gated entrance. Turn left into Church Street and walk down to Parsons Lane. Now you can retrace your steps back to Honeybourne, perhaps stopping at the Seagrave Arms for refreshment.



We hope you have enjoyed your walk today, and that we have whetted your appetite for a variety of future walks in and around the Parish of Honeybourne.


Email steve@stephenbullen.com for copies of any walks, to express concerns, or seek advice on how to best enjoy Honeybourne’s Rights of Way.

March 2018