One-Mile dog friendly

A One-mile Circular Walk within the village


This route is clearly signed.

Sturdy shoes or boots are recommended.


Start at The Gate Inn car park and walk to your left passing the gates and footpath sign on your left. Look across the road to locate the footpath sign on the opposite side of the road. TAKE GREAT CARE to cross the road, and then follow the footpath down a narrow alleyway. This leads you onto High Street. Turn left and walk to the telephone box. Cross the road and follow the signed track to the right of the new housing development. After 60 metres turn right and follow this hedgerow to the far left-hand corner of the field. Over the footbridge and follow the footpath with the new houses and playground on your left until you reach the steel pedestrian gate on the right-hand side next to the first house.

Through the gate and turn left to the crossing point (tactile dimpled paving). TAKE GREAT CARE to cross this road. Straight on up the “Footpath” alleyway until you pass between houses and reach the next road. Turn right and walk up the cul-de-sac, bearing left to the pathway between the bungalows in the far left-hand corner. Follow this alleyway until you emerge onto Stratford Road.

Turn left and then TAKING GREAT CARE cross the road at the Church noticeboard, following the sign to the Church (do not pass between the white posts). As you pass through the Church kissing-gate, immediately turn right and follow the path to the gap into the field. Continue to the gated bridge; then straight on to the next gate. Turn right and you are back at the start of this walk.

We hope you have enjoyed your walk today, and that we have whetted your appetite for a variety of future walks during 2020* using the Public Rights of Way (PROWs) in the Parish of Honeybourne.


Email for copies of any walks, to express concerns, or seek advice on how to best enjoy Honeybourne’s PROWs.



* A great way to gently improve your fitness and wellbeing, whilst

appreciating the beautiful countryside in which we live.


February 2020