The Gate Inn Darts Team

The Gate Inn Darts Team 2014

2014 summer season started on April 14th and, as a local pub team, we do like to encourage any new members if they wish to join.

Our first game, as it stands today (subject to change) is April 28th so there’s plenty of time for anyone to express an interest. Also, Thursday evenings tend to be a practice night.

The league we are in is the Stratford upon Avon league, professional run and played on Mondays. The format differs from summer and winter, the summer format in summary is :
One game of trebles,  ‎(1001, double start), six singles, (3 x 501 flying start) and three pairs (1 X 701 double start) all throwing from a minimum distance of 7 feet 6 inches

The current team is Dave, Terry, Mark, Alan, Martin, Lorraine, Neil, Luke and Mike.

The Gate Inn Darts Team 2013

So close! We finished 3rd, one leg of darts (not a point, just one leg on the for / against wins) from promotion to division one.
It was a good season and we have good camaraderie amongst the team.
Congratulations to The Gate Darts Team, winners of the Winter 2012/13 Handicap Cup.

Captain David “Lord” Lynch led his team (Martin Handy, Terry Edmonds, Fred Bird, Michael Elliot, Alan Golsbourn and Tim McGinley) to victory, beating Bidford Club in the Final. Their passage to the final was as follows.

1st Round: Played two games, beating Wellesbourne Con. Club 5-4, then beating Wilmcote SC 5-2 in the “final”.

In the final round, they beat the New Inn from Clifford Chambers 5-1 in the semi final and then winning 5-3 against Bidford Club to win the tournament outright.

Andy Hall of the Stratford Darts League called it “A worthy win. Bidford are one of the top Division 1 sides.”

The team meet on Mondays at The Gate Inn. The Summer League is now underway.